Sweet-smelling wet soil, cloud-speckled skies and the sounds of raindrops lend a certain kind of freshness to the air to give a heartfelt introduction to monsoons and prepares you to bag magical moments…

Because the winds that accompany monsoons can be relatively vicious so make sure that your umbrella is not flimsy and thus will really help you to save yourself instantly. But, if you don?t have an umbrella with you then raincoat will do the needful and keep you comfortable. Buy

rain-proof shoes 
chiefly reliable on your activity. Flip-flops will be very helpful if you just want to relax in your hotel room and desire to admire the breathtaking scenery outside. Wear socks made of synthetic and Wellington shoes or gumboots and dark-colored pants which are generally advised to go disguise from wetness and dirt. Further, it would be fantastic if you decide on short pants so that you can cover maximum journey on foot without any difficulty. Don?t skip to carry

first aid supplies 
especially disinfectant scrubs and adhesive plaster/ bandages. Carry a towel with you but it should have the capacity to soak maximum water and still can be reused. However, carrying a hairdryer may seem weird to you but at the time of monsoons its availability will not just help you avoid catching a cold from wet hair but also to speedily dry your inner-wears so that you don’t meet upon any health related issues. Characteristically, this season is wet and sticky, and is fit to stumble upon mosquitoes and other bugs to breed. So, wear

long-sleeved shirts and trousers 
and use bug spray. Better consult your doctor before you embark on any monsoon voyage so that he would confirm you that whether your body is perfect or not for the same. Nevertheless, take extra care by carrying only

bottled water 

especially, if you are traveling in a relative undeveloped area.